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Marketing to Young Moms

Young moms are one of the most coveted demographics to market to because they need so many things. It’s important for them to be sure that they are giving their children the best products possible. This is why marketing efforts directly to them are so important. Grade School Media recently did a sampling promotion for […]

Back to College, Back to Spending

Back to College, Back to Spending College students are known to be one of the most lucrative markets out there. The group is only growing, and so is their spending, especially during the coveted back to school rush. Did you know…. The fall 2015 semester brought about 20.2 million students heading back to campuses nationwide. […]

Fighting the Childhood Obesity Epidemic in Schools

Childhood obesity has become such an epidemic in the United States over the past few years. It’s become so big that its prompted even Michelle Obama to do a health campaign for these young children. Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in […]

Brands help alleviate teachers’ burden with free classroom supplies

    Each school year, teachers spend nearly $500 in out-of-pocket expenses for supplies in order to keep their classrooms stocked and up to date. A new program has emerged, providing teachers with free product samples from major brands attempting to spread the word about their respective products. Not only does this alleviate teachers’ stress […]

Easy and Effective Marketing Strategy!

    Whether it’s grammar school students or students’ parents that are your audience, the distribution of your company’s branded bookmarks can be an effective way to both promote both your brand and educational awareness. Grade School Media has the country’s largest K-12 school network. At Grade School Media we help market to K-12 students.  The […]

Companies’ Marketing Making Kids Fat!

Food Companies that are notorious for their unhealthy products continue to effectively market to young children using their go-to proven strategies.With the ever increasing recognition of the importance of a nutritious diet combined with the sky high obesity rate in the United States of America, it is important that our youth start out on a […]

In New York Kindergarten Becomes Mandatory!

New York state officials recently passed a bill mandating obligatory Kindergarten education for all five-year-old children living in the State thereby lowering the required age for attending school by one year. Prior to the reform, many underprivileged children were not afforded the opportunity of a Kindergarten education due to a lack of space in the […]

Back To School Shopping

Back to school is just around the corner. Both young and old will be returning to school in just a few months. Parents will be shopping for new clothes, shoes, school supplies and more. Students will be eager to browse, shop and get all the latest trends. This is the perfect opportunity to create a […]

Doctor Visits For The Student Young and Old

  Students, both young and old will be making yearly doctors and dentist’s visits throughout the course of the summer, while they are on break. Partnering with these doctors is beneficial to all involved. There are so many different options. Just to name a few: -Branding the dentists personal toothbrush – Giving out candy to […]

Summer Recommendation- Read to Achieve

In an effort to promote reading to students, a summer reading campaign will be launched on grammar schools throughout the U.S.  Utilizing Grade School Media’s existing relationships with schools, school librarians and book clubs, a regional or national summer will be executed to keep students engaged over the summer. Partner with school libraries, librarians and […]