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Grade School Media is a full service advertising agency offering the country’s largest youth media network targeting students from kindergarden to twelfth grade.  Our nationwide network comprised on thousands of grammar schools and high schools allow our clients to meaningfully increase their K-12 audience.

The most comprehensive youth media offerings in the country, Grade School Media enables brands to implement regional or national campaigns that will generate new incremental sales, increase loyalty and start lifetime habits.  Whether the scope of the campaign is event activations, targeting influencers coupon or promotional distribution or educating your audience, Grade School Media assists our clients in producing and deploying the associated campus advertising.  We help identify schools campaigns all steps of the process from the planning stages to execution.

Opportunities include:

  • Event activations
  • School Out-of-Home media
  • Branded book covers
  • Read To Succeed
  • On-campus posters
  • Sports marketing
  • PTA organizational networking
  • Distribution
  • Sampling
  • Influencer-targeted campaigns
  • Social media
  • Peer research