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Fighting the Childhood Obesity Epidemic in Schools

Kindergarten children eating lunch

Childhood obesity has become such an epidemic in the United States over the past few years. It’s become so big that its prompted even Michelle Obama to do a health campaign for these young children. Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese, according to Parents and students alike are aware of this and know the importance of raising a healthier generation of children. Students, from grade school to college, are trying to lose a few pounds and get in the habit of working out and eating healthy, but are overwhelmed with where to start.

In response to increased concern about the health of our nation’s youth, this is a great opportunity for marketers, not only to bring awareness to their brand and products, but to help students reach their potential. At this time, children need healthier options. They need healthier food, salads, fresh sandwiches, whole wheat pizzas, yogurt, snack bars, and more. They need healthy work-out habits such as fun exercise programs. We can help your company provide these better nutrition services for children, while still promoting your brand. It’s important that children realize that a commitment to their health is just as important as their commitment to school and learning.

At Grade School Media we help market to K-12 students.  The Grade School Media comprises 11,000 schools in the New York City area alone reaching approximately 800,000 children. Any brands interested in marketing to this demographic should check out our website at or contact us at 646- 375-2211