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Back to College, Back to Spending

Back to College, Back to Spending
College students are known to be one of the most lucrative markets out there. The group is only growing, and so is their spending, especially during the coveted back to school rush. Did you know….
The fall 2015 semester brought about 20.2 million students heading back to campuses nationwide. This number has increased by about 4.9 million since the fall 2000 semester. Most students attend 4-year schools and most attend full-time. The number of 18-24 year olds in college has also increased with the increasing number of students since 2000. Additionally, the number of student 25 or older has also increased in this time (
This growing population of students needs to spend money on school supplies and various other items (clothing, bedding, personal items, etc) needed for college life. Students spend an average of $125 a semester on supplies (not including textbooks) ( The College Board estimates that during the 2015-16 school year students at public in-state institutions spent $1,298 on books and supplies, and $2,106 on “other expenses” including clothing, and other personal items. Students at private institutions spent $1,249 on books and supplies and $1,628 on other expenses during this academic year ( In 2014, incoming freshmen were found to spend an average of $916.48 on items such as dorm furniture, supplies, and electronics, a 10 percent increase from the previous year (
At Campus Solutions, Inc., the country’s largest college marketing company, we work with our clients to help them reach the college market. The summer has just begun, and that means planning for back-to-school season is underway. This time is crucial in reaching college students when they are coming back to campus and in need of new items. Campus Solutions can connect your company or product with some of the largest university back-to-school events in the country this fall. There is no better way to put yourself on the market to college students than by bringing your product right to campuses! Please contact us with inquiries!